Our Range of Services

At Eamonn Casey Headstones Cork we offer a full range of services.


Our headstones are available in a range of stone materials including granite, limestone and marble.


We can also cut additional inscriptions on existing headstones. This work is carried out on-site.


Kerbing is the lengths of stone that enclose your grave on the 4 sides. We offer the following styles of kerbing: Pitched/Rough, Rounded, and Heavy chamfer Kerbs are available in granite, limestone and marble materials.

Repair and Renovation

Before we commence our headstone renovation process, a detailed assessment is made of the headstone. There is a dramatic improvement visually on memorials that have been cleaned.


Chippings are available in a variety of colours and sizes to suit all needs.

House Names & Estate Plaques

These are available in granite, limestone and marble.